Local author seeks out cancer survivor stories to publish as inspiration

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

A Medford man, David Meisburger, is on a quest to publish a book filled with stories of cancer survivors, because of the impact it has on so many lives.

"No matter what type of background [people] are, cancer is going to go rich, poor, young, old. I mean it's going to touch everybody," said Meisburger, a local author and publisher.

Close to 40 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, but the reality is no one quite tells you just how to prepare for it.

"They have no clue what to expect, and so this is something to give them positive support from people who have already gone through the battle," said Meisburger.

Soon a book flooded with emotional first-hand experiences from people all across the country, like Russell Thompson’s will be for sale.

"The area between the stomach and upper intestine, they found a tumor there, so I said oh crap what's this going to entail?" said Thompson, who survived duodenal cancer.

Thompson and his wife Crystal Johnson, both veterans, both fought a different kind of war called cancer.

"I kind of went through the wiggies that most people go through around having the 'c' word in their life," said Johnson, who survived lung cancer.

The couple, now in their 70's was diagnosed in their 60's.

In the book, they will share their journey to being cancer free, and how others can succeed with less emotional pain.

"Her attitude helped me accept the face ok I have cancer. There's ways of treating it and we'll go with the flow and everything's going to be fine one way or the other," said Thompson

As well as less physical pain.

"Something I highly recommend for anybody that's going to go through a major surgery is to get a shingles shot beforehand because I ended up with a severe case of shingles and that was worse than going through the surgery and dealing with the cancer," said Johnson.

These stories and the personal experience of losing his mother to lung cancer are why cancer awareness and research are so important to Meisburger

"As with anybody that's an inventor you may fail 1,000 times but 1,001 you succeed," said Meisburger.

It's why 50 percent of the book profits will go directly to the American Cancer Society.

Meisburger is hoping to have this book completed by Thanksgiving, and it’s only volume one, so he's asking anyone who may have a story of their own to share to reach out to him via email at AnthologyWorks@aol.com

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