Local Boy Fighting the Rare Fight


Carter Anderson has been dealt a near-impossible hand to win.

Since his diagnosis of Pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration or PKAN, Carter's condition has changed.

Now confined to a wheelchair, the 9-year-old from Butte Falls is aiding the fight against the disorder he's been battling for years. Carter's blood is part of a trial to find a cure for PKAN through OHSU and The Spoonbill Foundation.

Ultimately, Carter's disorder is terminal.

"You just have to do your best to remain positive," Blair Anderson, Carter's father said. "I mean it's all about attitude. At any moment things can change very quickly and you just have to trudge, with as good of as possible you can't, you cannot show weakness in front of Carter when he's struggling. That really helps him deal with the crazy situation that he's in."

Our own Brian Schnee is running a half-marathon (November 4th) in efforts to support The Spoonbill Foundation. If you'd like to contribute, you can click the Facebook post below or send Brian an email to make other arrangements: BSchnee@KTVL.com.

WATCH: Carter's parents joined Brian on Facebook LIVE.

For information about the Annual Butte Falls vs. Prospect Alumni Football game: CLICK HERE.

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