Local dog rescue provides for homeless dogs

Local dog rescue provides for homeless dogs

Tail Wagers Rescue out of Grants Pass, is working to help people who are homeless and low income with their dogs.

The rescue provides dogs with veterinarian care, grooming, food, along with other supplies they might need.

Maria Modica says she is helping out dogs everyday. Tuesday she returned a boxer to her owner.

The dog had to get surgery to remove lumps on her head. It went back for testing to see if it was cancerous.

The owner, a mother of three, couldn't afford the procedure. Another dog was going back to his owner after getting groomed.

This isn't the first time the mother used the rescue's services.

She had a dog who passed away, and the organization helped her with medical costs.

She says working with the rescue has taught her the importance of being able to afford a dog. She urges everyone to think before getting a dog.

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