Local fire crews prepared to help with Southern California fires

Prepared to help (KTVL/Sarina Sandoval)

Oregon Department of Forestry is prepared to help with wildfires in Southern California, if needed.

ODF says it will not be surprised if crews are called out to help.

Public Information Officer, Melissa Cano says, on our off-season, crews are on standby no matter where wildfires are.

She says it may be different this time since the fires in Southern California are further from us and it's on different land.

But if firefighters need to be sent out, they're ready.

"We only have a handful of permanent forest officers that could probably leave at the drop of the dime because we do have our seasonal wild land firefighters that are no longer working with us. However, they are still around and available to be on-call if necessary," Cano said.

She says ODF has a great partnership with The U.S. Forest Service and CAL Fire.

Crews from CAL-Fire Siskiyou County already left to assist with the fires this morning.

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