Local girl plans addiction recovery fundraiser for birthday instead of asking for presents

Jackson County, Ore. - Jaide Horton has not seen her parents in about a year.

"My parents are drug addicts," Jaide said.

Jaide will turn 11 years old on January 10th. This year, she does not want gifts.

"I want to help other people get better because it's hard for them to," Jaide said.

Instead of gifts, she plans to send donation envelopes for Foundations For Recovery with her birthday party invitations. FFR is an addiction recovery center in Medford that Jaide's parents go to.

Doug Gould runs FFR and through the nearly five years he's known the Horton family, they've gotten close. Jaide calls him "Papa Doug," and when Gould first heard what Jaide wanted to do for her birthday, he was "blown away."

"Jaide is an amazing young girl and she has a lot of faith," Gould said. "She's believing that mom and dad are going to come back and get better, and I think that's why deep down that's why she's giving. She just knows. She has hope and she has trust that mom and dad are going to get this."

This is not the first time Jaide has asked for donations instead of birthday presents.

"Last year for my birthday I did a fundraiser for the animal shelter and I just wanted to do another fundraiser and I just thought of my parents," Jaide said.

For the past four years, Jaide and her two younger brothers - Mason and Jackson - have lived with their grandparents. Jaide's could not be more proud of her.

"Last year I remember her saying 'I had so much fun at my birthday party and I didn't even notice I didn't get gifts!'" Sheila Horton, Jaide's grandmother, said. "Her focus is on making a difference instead of getting something for herself."

"Altruism at 11 years old isn't always something that you find and I'm proud of her," Bill Horton, Jaide's grandfather, said.

The donations for Foundations For Recovery will go towards helping them move into a larger space in Medford and develop more services to help addicts recover.

If you would like to donate to FFR, you can do so in person at their office or on their website.

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