Local teen has a Marvel-ous promposal with the help of Spiderman

Local teen has a Marvel-ous promposal with the help of Spiderman

A North Medford High School student's promposal has gone viral with more than 30,000 views on Twitter.

Adam Hazelton wanted to ask his girlfriend of 6 months to prom in a big way and solicited the help from your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Hazelton is an avid rock climber and hooked himself upside down from his window, dressed up as Spiderman and asked his girlfriend to come outside.

He waited upside down for about 7 minutes as Jenna McIntosh made him wait a couple minutes, in good fun, before she came outside.

"I got really nervous," said Hazelton. "I was like no, I'm going to have to get down and all of the blood is going to rush to my head, but it was Jenna being Jenna and she came outside and saw the poster and said yes."

Jenna says she couldn't believe Adam went through the lengths he did to ask her to prom.

"I was really surprised," said McIntosh. "He told me he was going to do something big, but I didn't think he was actually going to do anything that big. I thought by big, he was going to do a poster or something."

Prom was Saturday May 19th and before the dance, the couple went out to eat and saw Avengers: Infinity War. A suiting movie, given, how Adam promposed.

They will both attend college at Brigham Young University in Idaho.

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