Local volunteers plan action against smart meters

(KTVL/Genevieve Grippo)

Multiple groups of Jackson County residents teamed up to say "no" to smart meters.

The groups have a number of plans in the works."Freedom to Say No to Smart Meters" is an organization preparing a presentation for the Jackson County Commissioners, asking them to send a letter of denial to the Public Utilities Commission.

Another group, called "No Smart Meter," is organizing a demonstration outside of Pacific Power.

"The PUC put this through with no public input, so we're trying to inform people about the serious dangers of the radiation harm that's coming off of these meters, and they also catch on fire," said Randal Barrett, an advocate with No Smart Meter. "The power company denies any responsibility or liability."

The demonstration is scheduled for September 1st, starting at 10 a.m. at Fitchner Mainwaring Park.

To opt out of smart meter installation, Pacific Power charges a one-time $137 dollar fee, plus a $36 meter reading fee per month.

Barrett says Say No to Smart Meter considers the charge to be extortion, and that it's one of the main things the group is looking to change.

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