Local weed farms help out camp fire victims

Riche Garza

Although times are still tough for Oregon cannabis farmers three local farms are making an effort to help victims of the Camp Fire.

David Bryant of Pharm to Table, a southern Oregon cannabis dispensary with two locations, reached out to local cannabis farms asking for flower donations.

“They work out the logistics to get the flower donated at zero cost to us so because we didn’t pay anything for it we are selling it and donating every penny that we get from the sale of that flower,” Bryant said.

Shadowbox Farms, Million Elephant Farms and Remedy River Farms donated a combined total of $10,000.00 worth of flower to Pharm to Table, who will donate 100% of all sales from the donated flower to victims of the Camp Fire.

Employees at Pharm to Table, like most members of the southern Oregon community, have a close relationship with the Butte County community and are scheduled to visit victims next week. Farmers Market Distribution helped connecting the farmers with the dispensary.

“This is a great way to step back from all that and to show that hey we do still have something to give even though the industry is not doing so well at a certain point,” Thomas Tinsley of Shadowbox Farms said.

All proceeds will be donated to Camp Fire victims through the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund.

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