Local winery goes "above and beyond" to be energy efficient

Cowhorn Vineyard and Garden is working to achieve a "Living Building Challenge" certification" (KTVL/Justin Matthews).

JACKSONVILLE, Ore.- Cowhorn Vineyard and Garden is working to get certified by the "Living Building Challenge," overseen by Portland-based company Green Hammer.

There are about 20 requirements for achieving a Living Building Challenge certification, pertaining to being "net-zero," where a building produces as much energy as it consumes.

"We're trying to do things as cleanly as possible, smallest footprint, and clean and healthy, and that's why we chose biodynamic farming, and that's why we chose Living Building Challenge, they're both akin," said Bill Steele, one of Cowhorn's owners.

Portland-based company Green Hammer, overseeing "green" buildings, says Cowhorn's building is one of the smallest to join the living building challenge, at 2,200 square-feet.

There are currently no buildings in Oregon who have the certification.

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