Logos Charter School packing up for permanent move

Logos Charter School sign already hung in main entrance of new facility. John Stoeckl/News 10

Over the past week, teachers and staff at the Logos Charter School located on 400 Earhart street in Medford are not just packing up for the summer, but for a permanent move. They will be relocating this August to a newly built facility on 1203 North Ross Lane in northwest Medford.

The school’s Director of Career Development and Marketing Julie Niles-Fry is really excited about the move and had a lot to say about the need for a bigger facility.

“Well we’ve really expanded over the last nine years growing to a thousand students in the last few years,” Niles-Fry said. “So this space no longer handles the capacity that we need.”

Niles-Fry said they currently are short on classroom space, meeting spaces, and that many of the staff have to share offices. Once in the new facility, they’ll have room for all of the classrooms plus an extra 10,000 square feet. With that, they plan to add conference rooms, an assembly hall plus outdoor areas such as a community garden, an edible forest a playground, a construction lab, and a manufacturing lab.

The new location is on Wes Howard Memorial property with 5 acres donated to them through that same foundation. Niles-Fry said that was one of several things that made the new school possible. “In the last 10 years, we’ve been able to be extremely fiscally responsible,” Niles-Fry said. “And so that property being able to be donated, fiscal responsibility and all of our savings plus help from People’s Bank we’re able to accomplish this new move.”

The construction of the new facility is underway currently with sounds of saws and hammers resounding around the property. The school will be completed by the end of July with staff moving in August 1st.

The students arrive and begin school September 3rd, but the school plans to have a “Books and Barbeque at the new location on August 29th, simultaneously giving the children a sneak peek and giving out the new curriculum for the school year.

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