Longview school bus driver accused of DUI, arrested

Stock Photo: Pixabay/MGN

Police arrested a Longview School District bus driver Thursday, accusing her of driving a school bus while under the influence.

Longview police said there were no children on the bus when they arrested 48-year-old Catherine L. Maccarone, but they said she had “recently completed two afternoon bus routes.”

Officers said they are working to identify everyone who was on the bus.

Police said at around 4 p.m., someone reported that a driver of a school bus appeared to be driving under the influence. A 911 dispatcher called the Longview School District Transportation Office, which was able to get Maccarone to stop in the 2900 block of Nichols Boulevard.

When police arrived, they said they could smell intoxicants coming from Maccarone.

They took her to the Cowlitz County Jail where she faces charges of DUI and reckless endangerment. Police said more charges will be filed as they continue to investigate.

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