Low rental vacancies only pose problems for renters

(KTVL/Randi Burns)

MEDFORD, Ore. - With rental demands so high in the valley, problems are posed for those looking to rent. Property owners, however, feel that buying is the way to go.

Owner of New Foundations Property Management, Shelly Rogers rents single family homes around southern Oregon.

"It's improved for owners. I feel those that own a property right now, it's to their advantage because, like I said, people are looking for homes. Those that are in the market to rent, it's a little harder for them right now. Especially to afford it," Roger said.

With so much demand and less properties, Rogers says owners are cashing in.

"Owners are increasing their rent prices and it's making it harder for those looking for housing to afford it, " Rogers said.

Landlord Don Dixon has been renting out properties for years. He says he has not experienced any issues with tenants. He finds that with the rental climate, tenants take care of property because they grow to think of it as their own.

"Not at all. In fact, what we are seeing is that this is a great time to really enjoy long-term renters who are committed to our properties," Dixon said.

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