Mailboxes broken into at Cave Junction post office

Hours the lobby are open at the Cave Junction post office have been limited due to mailbox break-ins. (KTVL/Will Maetzold)

CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. -- Alazar Holladay said recent break-ins to mailboxes in Cave Junction doesn't represent the town as a whole.

"It's a small faction," he said. "Either a small faction that are living here or someone's coming in and hitting a lot of these places and it's really a shame because like I said it'd be a great place."

Still, Holladay said he's frustrated with people hitting the post office with crime and taking people's mail.

"It really can cause a lot of problems for people," he said. "Having stuff stolen for identity purposes and financial purposes and all that kind of stuff."

A sign on the front door of the post office said someone broke into mailboxes late Thursday night or early Friday morning.

The lobby is now open only certain hours for people to come in to get their mail. Several people came to the post office on Sunday, but couldn't get in.

Holladay said crimes of opportunity like this one aren't unusual, especially with a lack of law enforcement in the county.

"Like stealing gas or breaking into some of these places," Holladay said. "Some of the places they break-in to they can't really get anything so they just trash the place."

Holladay said he's hopeful these crimes become less frequent.

"I think it's a great town," he said. "I really do. The majority of the people here are really great. They're very supportive, very friendly. This is one of the places where you can walk out on the street, pass somebody you don't even know and stand there having a half-hour conversation with them."

The postal service is asking customers in Cave Junction to keep an eye on their accounts for any fraudulent activity and to report it to them as soon as possible.

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