Man injured by egging is "grateful" egg didn't hit daughter


Police need help in locating the person responsible for an egging assault in Josephine County Wednesday night.

Jesse Hlavinka says someone violently egged him in the eye while walking near Schroeder Park with his 22-month-old daughter on his shoulders. Neither Hlavinka nor the police know who threw the egg.

Hlavinka says he was carrying his daughter home when a truck pulled up beside him and threw an object at him. He touched his eye and discovered running yolk and egg shells wedged in his eye.

Hlavinka reports that the suspects were driving a large, lifted and loud truck. Police say there have been prior similar incidents involving large black truck with a similar description.

Hlavinka is suffering a subconjunctival hemorrhage in his right eye because of the assault. He's grateful that his daughter he was holding was not hit.

"That's what i'm most grateful for, that it didn't hit my daughter. She's not even two. And if it did this to me, I could't even imagine what had happened if it hit her."

Hlavinka says he never had any issues near the Schroeder Park area, but he says he and his family will be overprotective this coming Halloween because of the incident.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact Grants Pass Police.

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