Man shot in groin after trying to break in to ex-girlfriend's home

32-year-old Michael Lee Fouch of Grants Pass allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend's home early Monday morning. When investigators arrived, they found Fouch with a gunshot wound in his groin area. (Courtesy: Josephine County Jail)

Early Monday morning, Grants Pass Department of Public Safety responded to a call that an ex-boyfriend had broken into the caller's home.

While the woman was on the call with dispatchers, a single gunshot was heard.

"The young lady involved in this one was in fear for her safety," Deputy Chief Jim Hamilton said. "She had a child with her. The individual sounds like he came through a door that she had locked in force his way into the room."

On the call with dispatchers, the woman said Fouch had threatened her in the past. In this incident, investigators found Fouch forced his way into the victim's bedroom where she was hiding with her juvenile son. The victim allegedly shot Fouch once, "causing him to flee."

Once Grants Pass Police arrived at the residence on Rogue River Hwy, they found 32-year-old Michael Lee Fouch in the driveway with a gunshot wound in his groin area.

Hamilton said, in domestic violence calls, safety is a priority when determining when to use deadly force.

"You still have to have fear for your safety," Hamilton said. "You still have any fear for your life and or your family."

Paige Reinhart-Anez works with domestic violence victims as the Intervention Coordinator at the Women's Crisis Support Team. She said the months after leaving a violent relationship are the most dangerous.

"Because once that power and control is starting to lessen over the partner who is being abused, it's really those efforts," Reinhart-Anez said. "That's where agencies like ours have to come into play."

As the victim's son was involved in the incident, Reinhart-Anez said it elevates the gravity of the situation.

"One of the most striking statistics, with children specifically, is what can change their life and what can change their processing of trauma," Reinhart-Anez said.

Grants Pass Department of Public Safety said involving children raises the criminal charges as well.

"If you committed an act of domestic violence in front of the child, that elevates it to a felony if it is a misdemeanor like in this case," Hamilton said.

When it comes to domestic violence, Hamilton said it is never too early to call for help.

"When you get to that point where someone's making threats or you feel that you are not safe environment, call," Hamilton said. "We would rather have somebody called early so we do an investigation. We can even reach out to the other party, if that's the right thing to do, and just let them know that we're aware."

Fouch's injury was not life threatening and American Medical Response took him to Three Rivers Medical Center in Grants Pass. He is now in custody and charged with 4th degree Felony Assault and Menacing. His bail is set at $25,000.

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