Marijuana dispensary hosts benefit for Maslow Project

(KTVL/Justin Matthews)

TALENT, Ore.- Talent Health Club hosted a summer kick-off benefit event Sunday afternoon to raise money and needed items for local non-profit, "The Maslow Project," providing services for low-income children, teenagers, and their families.

Other local businesses joined in on the event, but a dispensary helping a non-profit for kids isn't the easiest thing to pull off.

"We are not technically allowed to donate to them, they are a federally sanctioned non-profit and we are a technically federally illegal business," said Andrew Robison, the manager at Talent Health Club.

The business can't legally give a donation and get a tax receipt, Robison said. He says the business can do things like hold donation jars, collection boxes, and can take everything to the non-profit.

Local foodtruck "Curbside King" is part of the event.

The truck can put proceeds toward Maslow.

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