McLeod-Skinner hopes people contributions will outshine corporate dollars

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

We're just days away from primary elections this Tuesday and candidates like Jamie McLeod-Skinner, running for the District 2 Congressional seal, are making their last push to get voters to turn in their ballots.

"No personal disrespect to Mr. Walden but he's no longer the representative he once was," said McLeod-Skinner.

McLeod-Skinner says Oregonians need boots on the ground type representation in Congress so she's traveled far and wide to reach voters.

"Over 30,000 actually I think we're up to 37,000 miles in my Jeep at this point," said McLeod-Skinner.

But is that enough to match up against republican incumbent, Greg Walden, who has a staggering $3.2 million backing him.

"We anticipated we needed $1.5 million dollars and our plan was to raise a tenth of that for the primary. We've raised more than that for the primary," said McLeod-Skinner.

MacLeod-Skinner has raised more than $125,000, the most among her democratic opponents.

But she says more important than cash value, her contributions have sentimental value.

"What I'm really proud about are the small donations. I've had so many people come up to me and say 'I'm on a fixed income. This is all I can give but we really want you to replace Walden and really want you to represent us in congress," said McLeod-Skinner.

MacLeod-Skinner has vowed to not accept money from corporate political action committees and believes allegiance to the community will go a long way.

"When it comes down to people versus money, folks in our district know where they stand and it's about having an independent minded representative a rural democrat who understands both rural and urban issues," said McLeod-Skinner.

News 10 did reach out to Congressman Walden both by phone and email numerous times today to see how he's gearing up for primaries but we did not hear back.

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