Medford Airport gets funds for expansion

Main terminal one of many areas targeted for expansion. (John Stoeckl/News 10)

Medford Airport Director Jerry Brienza was happy to announce a $937,500 grant awarded to them by the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Airport Improvement Program (AIP) for use in their Master Plan.

“We’re very excited about a grant that was just announced,” Brienza said. “Matching some money, we’ll have a little over a Million dollars for a master plan.”

The Master Plan is basically an outline for the airport’s growth for the next 20 years. Brienza said he’ll be getting together from the airport and the community of different municipalities to give input to the Master Plan and decide how they will proceed forward with airport improvements.

“We reached a million people last year,” Brienza added. “Which is the first time in its history. And they didn’t plan for that when they initially built this existing terminal.”

Targeted expansion is primarily focused on the terminal, the parking area, the runway, and taxiway. But the most important area of improvement according to Brienza is reliability. By that, he means FAA navigational aids to guide aircraft during inclement weather.

Another area he plans to look at is sustainability. "We are self-sustaining here at this airport," Brienza said. "So we don’t take any funds from the community."

His view as part of the master plan is to look at ways of expanding the terminal with vendors, amenities and other options for travelers that would also help sustain the airport.

Once the Master Plan is finalized, Brienza said it’ll take 2-3 years before Medford will begin seeing the improvements.

Here are the grant funds provided in recent years, according to the FAA:

2019 GRANTS:

  • Medford – $937,500 to update the airport master plan study
  • Klamath Falls – $6,707,046 the airport will use grant funds to replace the airport’s wind cone, reconstruct and rehabilitate taxiways, and rehabilitate taxiway lighting

2018 GRANTS:

  • Medford
  1. $887,467 Reconstruct Taxiway
  2. $680,972 Acquire Snow Removal Equipment
  3. $648,454 Improve Terminal Building.
  4. $99,200 Conduct Miscellaneous Study Page.
  5. $551,546 Conduct Environmental Study.
  • Klamath Falls - $620,000 Update Master Plan Study
  • Grants Pass – $512,202 Update Master Plan Study

2017 GRANTS:

  • Cave Junction – $1,904,654 - Install Airport Beacons, Install Runway Vertical/Visual Guidance System, Rehabilitate Apron, Rehabilitate Runway Lighting
  • Grants Pass – $1,221,261 - Construct Taxiway, Install Runway Vertical/Visual Guidance System
  • Medford – $10,855,000 - Construct Taxiway, Rehabilitate Taxiway

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