Medford community answers the call for blood donations

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

Upwards of 500 victims still hospitalized by the Las Vegas mass shooting on Monday community members in Medford answered the call for blood donations.

“I'm not really good at the whole blood thing but I try to give as often as I can," said Debbie Guilfoile.

Frightened of needles or not, Debbie Guilfoile knew she had to donate for the hundreds wounded in Las Vegas.

"The city is a community that's hurting right now," said Guilfoile.

A community she spent eight years with, she hopes her rare O+ blood goes a long way.

"I wanted to give blood because I know there's always a need and I have a blood type that's needed right now," said Guilfoile.

Kristel Nelson, also a former Las Vegas resident of 17 years, can relate to the importance blood donations can be.

"I worked in critical care so I would have been in the unit that took a lot of these patients in," said Kristel Nelson, former Las Vegas resident. "Having friends that work in the hospital and they're actually treating the victims and what they're going through, it's just pretty devastating and my heart goes out to all of them."

Other Medford residents with no ties to Vegas hurting over the tragedy felt the need to give back.

"I felt drawn to it, that this is where I'm supposed to be right now," said Tori Enloe, Central Point resident. "I'm not able to go down there and help out so I figured by donating blood is my way of contributing."

Dozens here and hundreds there - Las Vegas Governor Brian Sandoval says the power of blood cannot be overstated.

"We need blood so if anybody could contribute blood anybody in the Las Vegas area or locally who can do that," said Sandoval.

Anyone interested in donating can visit The American Red Cross for a list of blood drives near you.

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