Medford has the green light on a 20-year growth plan

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

The City of Medford is finally moving forward the Urban Growth Boundary Amendment which will bring more development to the area.

City employees were finally able to celebrate after years of planning.

"It's basically taken about 20 years. I think technically maybe it's eighteen," said Matt Brinkley, the City of Medford Planning Director.

But amazingly enough all the years that went in to the Urban Growth Boundary Amendment, the City of Medford will get back.

"The goal of expanding the UGB is to provide a 20-year supply of land for development opportunities and encourage economic growth," said Tim D'Alessandro, City of Medford councilor.

Jobs will come from the 1,658 acres which will be used for businesses and housing.

And another 1,877 acres will go towards wildland parks.

"Having a better more livable community with housing that people want that's appropriate for their particular circumstances that provides all of the amenities that we have come to expect in community's that we admire," said Brinkley.

But some neighbors near South Stage and South Columbus where some of the development will happen worry with more people will come more noise.

"By 10 o'clock you can hear the crickets you know you can hear the cattle you can hear the birds every morning they go crazy. And when you have those type of strip malls and food places with the housing area with them. they're not good," said Mike Hydorn.

Hydorn fears not only will it hurt his hearing but also his view.

"We don't want to see brick walls and sidewalks out here in the rural area," said Hydorn.

The City of Medford Planning department says it is wants to work with not just Medford residents but also county residents so whatever plans are made accommodate everyone.

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