Medford looks to revamp dozens of roads around the city

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

Medford Public Works Director Cory Crebbin says taking care of our roads is much like taking care of our skin.

Road crews will be applying some preventative treatments throughout the city all summer long.

"The very first one we use is a fog seal. It actually goes down, it's kind of an oil base that rejuvenates the pavement. If you were to compare it to a skin care product it would be a lotion. So as the pavement starts to get dry and flaky we put the fog seal on it after about 3-5 years and that keeps it soft and pliable so it doesn't crack," said Crebbin.

And if there are already some cracks, crews use a thin layer of liquid asphalt to seal them.

But for some of the older roads which may have had too much fun in the sun, Crebbin says the next step would be to apply a slurry seal.

The sand and asphalt mixture seals the pavement and blocks some of the sunlight that stiffens the road, which is why Crebbin calls it a sunscreen for streets.

Crews know which treatment to apply where using a 0 to 100 ranking 0 being the absolute worst.

"Our pavement condition index score let’s say if it's a 60 we might say we better slurry seal it because that's getting down there," said Crebbin.

Hillcrest Road got an even lower ranking, which is why it's getting an asphalt overlay.

"Over the last decade or so the traffics increased 10 fold around here. This is definitely going to be a major improvement to this area," said Jeff Pruitt, the Jackson County Roads Asphalt Manager.

From Bel Air Court to Barbara Jean Way crews are striping the top layer of asphalt and replacing it with a new one.

With the county and city working together, it looks like residents are in good hands.

"I've worked for Jackson County roads for 30 years, I started right out of high school," said Pruitt.

For a list of road closures to street projects, click here.

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