Medford man stops robbery, chases & tackles suspect

Jeffery Moore's booking photo provided by the Medford Police Department

"You sir are a true hero!" the Medford Police Department declared in a statement released after an alert citizen not only stopped a robbery in progress, but chased down and tackled the suspect as well.

On Thursday afternoon a resident saw suspect, now identified as Jeffery Moore, "standing over [a] victim lying on the ground, going through his pockets," at a Royal Avenue apartment complex in Medford. As the citizen approached, the suspect ran, throwing away a cell phone he had just stolen in the process. The citizen chased the thief and tackled him to the ground, holding him until police arrived on the scene.

A police investigation determined that Moore had hit the victim from behind after he saw a cell phone in the victim's hand. Moore stole the phone and was rummaging through his pockets when the citizen intervene. According to police, the suspect was under the influence, as well as in possession of methamphetamine.

The victim, unidentified by police, is a 50-year-old man who is partially blind. He sustained a head injury when he hit the ground, but authorities report that he is going to be okay.

"We applaud the bravery of this citizen in making the decision to not only intervene, but to chase down the suspect," says MPD.

Jeffrey Moore, 24, is facing charges of Robbery, Assault, Harassment, Possession of Meth, and Disorderly Conduct.

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