Medford man turns himself in after stealing packages from porch


A man was caught on surveillance cameras stealing Christmas packages off of a front porch in Medford.

The resident, Kristal Nehf says, she just installed her new surveillance system a day before the theft happened on Monday.

Medford Police recently posted on Facebook, encouraging people to buy a surveillance system on Black Friday and Nehf says, thankfully that's what she did.

On Tuesday, Nehf received a notification on her phone from the surveillance system that someone was in her drive-way stealing packages from her porch.

The gifts stolen are worth more than $100, but Nehf says it could have been worse.

"I'm more concerned that had I not had a camera, I would have never known that a package was missing and there's probably potentially lots of people who don't know their packages are missing," Nehf said.

MPD identified Mathew Frombach from the surveillance video. They impounded Frombach's vehicle and encouraged him to turn himself in.

Nehf's husband tells News10, the thief actually messaged them on Facebook and returned the packages to their porch.

Frombach turned himself in earlier in the day and was later released.

Medford Police say he was given a citation and charged with theft in the second degree.

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