Medford Police will include speeding expansion to photo enforcement program


Medford Police are deploying new tools to stop people from going too fast. Officers are adding speed enforcement to two intersections of their photo enforcement program.

The intersections at Barnett Rd./Stewart Ave. and Biddle Rd./McAndrews Rd. will now include speed enforcement, in addition to the ongoing surveillance for red light violations.

Speed enforcement went live last week on Oct. 1st, but only warnings will be issued for the first 30 days if drivers are caught going 11 M.P.H. over the speed limit. Officers will start issuing citations on Nov. 1st.

Sgt. Trevor Arnold said this will help improve traffic safety in the city.

"Speed is the number one most common issue that causes crashes and not only does it cause more crashes but it causes more serious injury to people the faster people are going so really the goal of the program is to slow people down," Arnold said.

Arnold said there was an approximate 46 percent reduction in crashes at these same two intersections after the installation of red light traffic cameras from 2015 to 2017. He said they will continue to monitor the program to see if there are any other changes that should be made.

Now all four intersections with photo enforcement will monitor for both speed and red camera violations:

E. Barnett Rd. and E. Stewart Av.

Biddle Rd. and E. McAndrews Rd.

N. Central Av. and E. 4th St.

S. Riverside Av. and E. 8th St.

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