Medford Public Works benefits from their new road sign technology

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

The city of Medford’s Public Works road department has been working with new printing technology since July.

The printer, called Traffic Jet, has retro-reflectivity and a bar-code to keep track of any damage to them.

"There's actually millions of glass beads built into our sign material so when the light hits the glass beads it’s a sphere. The light will go into the sphere and it'll bounce off of the back of the wall of the sphere and then return to its source," said Tim Zacha, the Public Works technician.

Zacha along with the rest of the roads crew from Medford Public Works are responsible for the thousands of the signs we see every day.

"So everywhere between Beall Lane, you got West Lane, in the city limits, we make them all," said Zacha.

Zacha says a lot of signs go with all that square footage to cover.

"[I] make probably about 20 signs a day ranging from street name signs that are damaged, stolen or lost to speed signs and stop signs, everything in between," said Zacha.

They all get their start right from Zacha’s computer, designed with the right font and coloring, then ready for the printer.

Once that's done the signs will sit for two hours to dry before getting a special coating that's UV and graffiti proof.

Medford Public Works Director, Cory Crebbin, says this new technology adapts to the city’s needs.

"The volume of signs is growing, I mean if you think about a subdivision going in... the total inventory of signs in Medford continues to grow as Medford continues to grow," said Crebbin.

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