Medford residents now seeing cougars

Courtesy: Mark Dewey

Medford now on the list of local cities seeing cougars in town.

"This is the only on that we can recall in a long time of a cougar being in the city limit of Medford," Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau said.

The sighting was overnight in south Medford near South Columbus Avenue and Archer. Police say they want you to call them if the large nocturnal cat comes back. "From a law enforcement stand point we're going to take each sighting on a case by case basis to determine what the threat level is," Budreau said. "If we have an opportunity to dispatch the animal we most likely will."

Police say the territorial animal like these cougars spotted in Ashland last month will likely return to the area. If the sightings continue they are considering a wildlife mapping tool like the City of Ashland started after dozens of sightings in town.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife say if you spot a cougar in your backyard, or while you're on a walk, you can protect yourself by staring at the cat straight in the eyes, making a loud noise, and making yourself as big as possible.

As a reminder, calling in a cougar as a nuisance won't result in a re-location. ODFW says troublesome cougars will be euthanized. If anyone observes a cougar in the city, please call our dispatch, 541-770-4783, or just 911.

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