Medford School District looking to expand it's Career Technical Education Program

Medford School District looking to expand it's Career Technical Education Program

Medford School District is giving students like Brian Josephson a chance to learn a specific trade.

"I just like the idea being able to lean new things I haven't been able to learn before in my middle school time," said Josephson.

The district is looking to expand it's Career Technical education program or CTE. Josephson is taking businesses courses under the program.

"I will go to school and after that, law school and then become an attorney, hopefully," said Josephson. "As part of my business three class. I did a business law section and I was able to be apart of a student organization and go to an international competition and compete in business law and ethics."

He says this experience has given him the chance to see what the industry feels like, along with how to apply those skills in the future.

The CTE program offers courses that students take throughout their four years so when they graduate, they will have learned a specific trade.

"There is a need in the community, in the workforce, to have these kinds of trades," said Superintendent Biran Shumate. "We know that that's why we are talking about the construction trades right now, there are other needs too."

Shumate says the district already has popular courses among students in culinary, automotive, marketing and even early childhood education.

"If kids engage in these kinds of programs, they'll graduate over 90 percent," said Shumate.

The district held a Town Hall Wednesday night to talk about expanding the programs.

The district would like to see courses in cosmetology and construction, along with other courses.

The district is planing on building new facilities at South and North Medford High Schools to accommodate the more courses and students.

"I'm really excited to see career technical education expanding in Medford School District," said Josephson. "I think it's not only an opportunity to keep students in school, but give them skills they will be able to use far beyond their time in high school."

There are 1794 students in CTE courses.

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