Medford schools respond to "13 Reasons Why," Netflix series some say romanticizes suicide

News10 spoke with the Family Advocate at Logos Public Charter Schools, in Medford, Oregon, on Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 (KTVL/Ariana Rakhshani).

MEDFORD, Ore.-- Schools across the nation are banning the book "13 Reasons Why." Netflix has a series on the book that is taking over televisions.

The Medford School District also issued a statement about the show that some say glorifies suicide. It also said health professionals, counselors and suicide prevention experts are very concerned about the content of the show.

The National Association of School Psychologists said they do not recommend vulnerable youth watching the series. A number of organizations, including the Medford School District said this is an opportunity to create a dialogue with your children about the show.

Although it is a popular series, not all teens have seen the series.

"I'm not sure if my mom would feel like it was the best TV show for me to watch," Logos Public Charter School student Zoe Vondoloski said. "She might not approve."

The family advocate at Logos Public Charter School, Frank Matz, said it is important to have a conversation with your children about it. Matz said he has lost a lot of family and friends to suicide, and so it was important to him to speak with his teenagers about it also. He said the series romanticized suicide, giving teens a romantic idea that this is something that is doable.

He said if you're worried about a TV show, your children are doing a whole lot more than that.

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