Local woman collecting donations to hand deliver to California fire victims


The wife of a local firefighter is gathering donations that she will hand deliver to families affected by California Wildfires.

She was inspired to give donations to those affected when she got on social media one day, and heard stories from her friends in California that lost their homes and everything else in the fires.

She says that she cannot imagine the pain the families are going through.

"I put myself in their shoes and I have 3 children and a husband and a home, and I can't imagine not having that home and not having our clothes and anything to our name," said Sadie Cummings, the woman who is collecting the donations.

Her and her family hope to haul a trailer full of items to families in California this weekend.

People who wish to donate to her can drop off donations at the Fire District 3 station in Central Point, located at 600 Front Street next to H&R Block.

The family will gather all donations Friday Night and go to California on Saturday morning.

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