Medical marijuana patients want deadline extension on new rules

(KTVL/Justin Matthews)

MEDFORD, Ore.- The Oregon Health Authority held a public hearing Wednesday morning to hear testimony from patients and growers who want change to new regulations.

The rules are listed on a 100-page packet, ranging from things like security requirements to plant growth requirements.

They are supposed to go into effect on March 1, 2016, but medical marijuana patients, growers, and caretakers say that doesn't leave them enough time to make changes in order to comply.

"O.H.A was given guidelines by the Measure 91 committee to implement some new rules around medical marijuana and they have gone above and beyond with new restrictive regulations that are going to kill the program and affect thousands of sick Oregonians," said Brent Kenyon, the Director of Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine.

Many rules and regulations are realistic and ok, but putting them into affect on March 1st is way too soon, Kenyon says.

A number of people in their testimonies asked OHA to extend the deadline to January 1, 2017.

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