Memorial run honors life of Medford father killed in wrong-way crash

Ryan Folsom with his wife and two sons. His wife was pregnant with their third son at the time of the crash. (Photo courtesy Ian Cropper)

What was known as the Southern Oregon BYU Alumni Chapter's "fun run" was repurposed this year to honor the tragic loss of a Medford father.

29-year-old Ryan Folsom was killed in January by a suicidal wrong-way driver.

Folsom, a graduate of both North Medford High School and Brigham Young University, left behind his wife and three sons.

On Saturday, the community came together to remember his life at what is now called the Ryan Folsom Memorial Run.

"We figured it was a great chance to honor him and his family," said Jared Hokanson, a member of the event's organizing committee. "And a chance to give back to the community that Ryan helped give back to and what he stood for."

Hokanson said Folsom was a role model within the southern Oregon community, and embodied a loving spirit.

"He just had a great impact on everybody, just because of who he was and how he carried himself no matter who was watching, or who wasn't watching," he said. "He loved everyone he came in contact with. He cared about them, and he was just an example to everybody."

Hokanson hopes the event's renewed purpose gives a place for the community to celebrate Folsom's life now and in the years to come.

About 300 runners participated in the event, according to Hokanson.

There was no entry fee, but donations were accepted.

All donations will go to a scholarship fund to help local youth. Half of the donations will be given to North Medford High School Foundation Scholarships and half of the donations will be going to the Southern Oregon BYU Alumni Chapter Scholarship fund.

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