Miracle Story: teenager battles pneumonia

14-year old Akira Supelana-Mix in the hospital after being diagnosed with pneumonia. (Photo courtesy of Michelle Supelana-Mix)

ASHLAND, Ore. - 14-year old Akira Supelana-Mix doesn't really think about his time in the hospital any more. About a year and a half ago, he wasn't feeling well at school, was tired all the time and not feeling like himself.

"I came home and took a nap. I never take naps," Akira said about not feeling well.

His mom, Michelle says it was like he couldn't breathe, "he kept coughing all the time and wouldn't go to sleep unless he was sitting next to me with his head on my shoulder."

After a few days of not getting better, Michelle took Akira to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia. But still, after rest and antibiotics, Akira wasn't getting better. When his fever hit 105, Michelle took him to the pediatric unit at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center. He spent the next several days in the hospital getting better. Michelle says the nurse who admitted him called every day to check on Akira and see how he was doing.

"They would come and sit with me and talk at length about exactly what they were planning to do, what they had done, what they found, what they hadn't found. He got world class care and he got it right in our backyard," Michelle said about his stay.

Asante has been part of the Children's Miracle Network since 1988... and it helps children across 9 counties in southern Oregon and northern California. One of the main fundraisers for the children's programs is coming up in August.

The Oregon Wine Experience celebrates local winemakers and wines from across the state. There are wine classes, a barrel auction, salmon bake and miracle auction and a grand tasting. 100% of the proceeds go to support kids' health, from specialized procedures... to the latest equipment, all for families regardless of their ability to pay.

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