Mix Coffee forced to change its name

Mix Coffee forced to change it's name

It's a little coffee shop, nestled in the corner of Elm Ave and Highway 99 in Medford, and now, Mix Coffee is about to go through major changes.

"We do a lot of organics, lots of spinach and kale and then we do the organic coffee," says owner Dave Morris.

"When I first heard, I freaked out," said Morris. "When you get a letter that says you are going to be sued for damages and the whole thing, that's pretty scary.

Morris says they received a letter from lawyers representing the Mix Bakeshop in Ashland, telling them they have to change their name.

Two years ago when Morris and his wife were looking for a name, they did their homework.

"We researched the name, we bought the website. Our attorney lives in Ashland, we sent him the logo," said Morris.

They also had the name registered with the State of Oregon.

"Obviously I didn't do that on purpose," said Morris.

Morris says the names are confusing customers, and people would show up at the Mix Bakeshop thinking it was Mix Coffee.

The cost to change the name and everything that comes with it will total up to $10,000. but the owner of the Mix Bakeshop is helping to pay that.

"That's really nice of them," said Morris.

He's looking forward to the new possibilities with a new name.

"We have a lot of great products that maybe Mix Coffee doesn't explain. We need to bring those all together with the spinach and the kale and the chia seeds and hemp seeds and the bowls and all that good stuff," said Morris.

The Mix Coffee crew are having a contest to help come up with a new name for the shop, below are the details:

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