More business in Ashland from film festival

The Ashland Independent Film Festival brings in more business in the city. (KTVL/Will Maetzold)

ASHLAND, Ore. -- The Ashland Independent Film Festival means a busy week for businesses in the area.

More customers at Zoey's Cafe is something they've come to expect during the week of the film festival.

"They're coming in here sometimes two or three times a day," owner Ryan Lehmann said. "Sometimes for lunch, sometimes for dinner, ice cream and coffee. But it's definitely a big boost in April."

The restaurant is going to stay open for dinner during the film festival for the larger crowds. Lehmann said they also make sure there is extra ice cream on hand.

"It gets gradually busier this time of year and we certainly have to add more for the film festival," he said.

Travel Essentials is providing official apparel for the film festival for the first time this year. Owner Nancy Bestor said it's a big time for her store too.

"It's another way we get increased business in all the stores downtown," Bestor said.

Travel Essentials is normally a popular one among people coming into town for the films.

"They're definitely very culturally aware," Bestor said. "They're interested in world events and travel goes hand in hand with world events. We've got a lot of great things here for people that travel and they tend to be travelers as well."

Last year was a record year for the film festival with more than 19,000 tickets sold.

"It started out small but it is growing," Bestor said. "I know there are more than 80 films this year, thousands of people coming into town for it. I see it can only get bigger and better and we're delighted to be part of it."

The film festival begins on April 7. Tickets are still available

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