Mother of two-year-old attacked by dog asks for help

(Courtesy: Serena Neve)

Two-year-old Jeremiah Frohlich is on a long road to recovery after a dog attack On December 27th in Williams left him without parts of his scalp and a broken arm.

Jeremiah was medi-flighted to Portland for a 16-hour surgery and was released from the hospital on Tuesday.

However, Jeremiah’s mother, Serena Neve, says the family doesn't have anywhere to return to that is suitable to continue healing their son and is asking for the public's help.

"Our biggest concern is when we come home we want to make sure that Jeremiah is being well cared for. We cannot go back to where we were staying where he was attacked by the dog, it's not a good environment," said Neve.

The family would ideally like to recover in Medford and is asking any community member for help in finding a home.

You are also able to help the family by donating here, or by going to any Key Bank, mentioning Jeremiah Frohlich’s name, and donating there.

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