Movement slows at Hooskanaden Slide on Hwy 101

An aerial photo of the quarter mile stretch of Highway 101 near Hooskanaden Creek where the slide disrupted the road, just north of Brookings, Oregon. (Courtesy of Tidewater Contractors)

Crews have begun clearing debris at the north end of the Hooskanaden Slide , which closed Highway 101 about 12 miles north of Brookings, Oregon on Monday, February 25th, according to the most recent update from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Ground movement downhill has slowed to about six inches an hour, according to ODOT, which is "a significant improvement from a week earlier when the ground was slipping an average of two feet an hour."

The ground is still moving too fast for construction crews to start rebuilding. Once movement has slowed to two inches per hour, Tidewater Contractors will place a rock along the quarter-mile section of displaced roadway and open traffic to one lane. The work required for the rock placement may take one to two days, estimates ODOT.

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The most active area is on the south end of the slide. Crews are currently working on debris removal at the north end, which is considered to be more stable.

ODOT will continue to monitor ground movement, and Tidewater will gradually continue south as conditions permit.

Slides are a common occurrence during the winter season, when the southern Oregon coastline receives heavy rain. The Hooskanaden area often requires frequent paving and patching to repair cracks caused by ground movement, according to ODOT.


Update: Closed section of Highway 101 will hopefully re-open Friday

Update: Highway 101 near Brookings reopens after slide temporary fix

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