Mt. Ashland sees fresh flakes, expecting more powder

The Mt. Ashland Ski Area received at least three fresh inches of snow on Sunday, and is expecting more into the week. (Genevieve Grippo/News 10)

While snow had yet to fall on the valley floor Super Bowl Sunday, skiers and snowboarders at the Mt. Ashland Ski Area got a sneak preview of a forecasted winter storm.

The slopes received at least three fresh inches, building on top of the existing 53-inch base on the mountain's summit.

For some of the slope's younger users, only one thing was on their minds.

"I hope there's no school tomorrow so I can come up here and shred!" said Ashland student Zach Wilder.

"No school! No school!" echoed his mom, Carol Wilder.

The quasi-holiday brought with it easy parking and nonexistent wait times.

"It was like unlimited refills," boarder Tenasi Lazar said. "We just got to go and go and go. We got like 30 runs in."

Not to mention-- the promise of fresh powder leading into the coming week.

"I think it's going to keep dumping," Carol said. "Tomorrow is going to be the day to come."

"Conditions tomorrow are going to be stellar. I hope the kids get a snow day to enjoy it," said Lazar.

A somewhat mild last couple of seasons meant less days on the mountain in previous years. Last year, low snow levels kept the ski area closed for more than a month past their expected opening day-- but this season is shaping up to be a much different story.

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"Conditions were really really good," said Kevin Spelman, skier and Ashland resident. "The area recovered really well from a couple of weak seasons."

So whether your team came out on top, (again) or is hoping for better luck next year, there's one sure thing you can bet on--snow-- if you're heading up to your local mountain.

"Do it, and I'll see you here!" said Zach.

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