Multiple car crashes kept crews busy in Josephine County

(Rural Metro-Josephine County)

Rural Metro and American Medical Response responded to two separate car crashes in Josephine County on Wednesday.

The first incident happened in New Hope at 9:04 a.m. when a car left the roadway in the 4500 block of New Hope Rd and crashed into a home. The building had no noticeable damage and the occupants inside the car were able to escape. A female passenger was taken to Three Rivers with minor injuries.

The second crash happened in Merlin at 12:08 p.m. when a silver SUV was hit by a passing car as it was backing out of a driveway on carton Way near Pruden Dr. The force of the impact spun the SUV throwing the driver into the back seat. The drivers of both vehicles were taken to a local history with non life-threatening injuries.

Josephine County Sheriff's Office is investigating the cause of both crashes.

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