Multiple cougar sightings in Ashland

Multiple cougar sightings (KTVL/Sarina Sandoval)

There has been multiple reports about a cougar sighting in Ashland.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife say it has been receiving lots of calls about a cougar attacking deer next to the Ashland Library.

Wildlife Biologist, Steve Niemela, says if a person ever comes into contact with one, the main you want to do is stay calm.

If you stay calm, it gives the animal some space to run away.

He says to look big and stand up strong.

One thing a person shouldn't do is run.

"You don't want to do anything that gives them some indication that you might be a prey animal, so just be confident, be strong, and give the animal space to runaway and back away slowly," Niemela said.

ODFW says if there is any children around, keep them close.

It says places like Ashland, east Medford or Jacksonville are common areas for cougars because of the deer.

Staff say there has not been any cougar attacks in Oregon on humans.

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