Music store closes after 43 years

Cripple Creek Music, pictured here, is closing their doors after serving the Rogue Valley community for 43 years. (Georgia Lawson/News 10)

After 43 years of business in the Rogue Valley, Cripple Creek Music is closing their doors.

The shop, which specializes in selling folk and ethnic instruments, first established business in Central Point. They’ve been in their location along Ashland’s Siskiyou Blvd for 34 years now, and have become an institution in the local arts community.

Co-owners and partners Garin Bakel and Lionel Cunningham put up signs on Saturday that they’re retiring. Since then, they say they’ve received an outpouring of support and well-wishes for their next venture.

The two plan to retire to Puerto Vallarta, taking a few instruments with them, but leaving the store behind.

“The local support and the fact that they’ve helped our business grow all these years is very important, and I hope people continue to shop local and keep businesses like ours in business,” Bakel said.

They says they’ve enjoyed their time in Ashland and appreciate the communities they’ve partnered with throughout their time in business.

They’ve worked with schools, doing orchestra rental programs, and catered to local musicians in the valley. They’ve also sustained a seasonal tourist patronage from people in town for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Their lease runs out at the end of the year, and they say they may or may not be there to see the whole thing through. They still have a lot of merchandise to sell, and will continue selling until it's all gone - unless the lease ends first.

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