NASA engineer at North Medford High School Planetarium

KTVL/Riche Garza

Dr. Norman Chaffee stopped by north Medford High School to speak with students of all ages about his early life and extensive career with the National Aeronautics Space Administration.

Dr. Chaffee has more than thirty years of engineering experience at the Johnson space enter in Houston, TX.

His work can be seen with the historic Apollo, Gemini and Mercury space missions, to name a few.

He was the head analyst for the propulsion system which navigates the ship once in space.

Dr. Chaffee, now 81 years of age, sat in the middle of a planetarium that can hold eighty people, as he shared stories of his childhood, "my parents bought me a chemistry set, which was a big mistake because I wanted a Bunsen burner too, so to improvise I had to use a toaster and when the solvent would come up it would spill everywhere."

Dr. Chaffee continues working with NASA and continues pushing the limits of he human mind.

He is heavily involved in training programs and camps some of which allow grade school students to spend a week in at NASA to solve problems that might arise during the Mars Colonization, his work with this particular space mission dates back more than a quarter century when he was acting manager of the Lunar/Mars exploration Program.

"Well NASA, right now is saying, we think we can be on mars by 2037, well that is the year I'll be a hundred, so what I'm telling my wife is, I'm going to stick around until 2037 and she said, of course you are, you know," said Dr. Norman Chaffee.

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