Nearly two weeks after evacuations, Sanctuary One animals begin to return

Midnight, one of Sanctuary One's cats, comes out of her crate Tuesday morning. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Applegate Valley, Ore. - At the end of August, the Miller Complex Fires forced Sanctuary One to evacuate all 60 of its animals. On Tuesday, those animals started to return to the farm.

Administrators at Sanctuary One said they're always ready for evacuations, but are glad the evacuations were lifted and the animals can come back.

"We're used to a lot of squawks, oinks, neighs and it's just been quiet as could be besides the crackling of fire just less than half a mile from the farm," Megan Flowers, executive director of Sanctuary One, said.

The animals will return throughout the week, with the pigs - the most difficult animals to transport - returning on Saturday.

Even though the animals will come back, Sanctuary One is still keeping an eye on the air quality to make sure their bigger animals can still breathe without struggling.

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