Neighbors notice improvements at Union Park

A path along Union Park (KTVL/Alexander Mesadieu)

West Medford Residents are noticing a big change at one local park.

Neighbors along Union Park in Medford say that over the last few months they have noticed less trash and crime happening in their area.

They say it's because of the combined efforts of neighbors working with each other to clean up the park and watch out for criminals.

The park once nicknamed "Needle Park" for the drug use in the area has a new reputation according to some residents in the neighborhood.

"People I've noticed come from parks all the way on the other side of town to enjoy it. That means something. It's an improvement maybe it could be that they feel better about (Union Park)," said Robert Wohosky, who lives near the park.

Another resident that spoke off camera to News10 says that she no longer feels danger when walking past the park.

Wohosky attributes the improved outlook to the power of a strong neighborhood community.

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