Net Neutrality: what happens if the FCC repeals it

Net Neutrality: what happens if the FCC repeals it

There are dozens of servers, humming inside a local data center in the Rogue Valley.

"We're involved in the regional pair exchange, which you see right behind me, which is the internet being interconnected to make the internet better here in our community," said David Hand, the owner of LLC.

With the possibility of the Federal Communications Commission getting rid of net neutrality, Hand says it could have a negative impact on the internet.

"An internet provider can be paid by a company priority to get their site to be uploaded faster than another one so that could encourage an environment of companies with a lot of money to have an advantage over smaller companies," said Hand.

Net neutrality stops that from happening, and gives every website the same opportunity to be seen.

"The trend looks like they are going to undo the net neutrality rulings." said Hand.

For him, getting rid of net neutrality takes away a person's choice to look at whichever website they want.

"As a consumer, perhaps the larger company has the better opportunity to purchase and get better information," said Hand. "But, I don't get the opportunity to see the other one because the site might not load at all or it may not load very fast to a point to where I would not wait for it to load."

People who want to see net neutrality go says it's because they don't want government regulations.

That's not a good enough reason for Hand, and he wants more information on why net neutrality should go.

"It's important that we do try to shape the future that we want, and be involved and informed, listening to both sides to help the conversation be healthy and the best outcome that it can be," said Hand.

The FCC will make a vote on the repeal of net neutrality December 14th.

There will be a protest rally supporting net neutrality Thursday December 7th at the Verizon Wireless on Delta Water at noon.

And if you would like more information on net neutrality and be apart of the conversation, click here and here

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