New app blocks scam calls from your cell phone


MEDFORD, Ore. -- A new smartphone application can help people deal with scam and spam calls.

Hiya is an app that easily filters and blocks fraudulent cell phone calls. The app can also block telemarketers from calling.

This solution can help decrease the amount of spam cases Medford Police receives. MPD Officer Justin Ivens talks about why so many scammers are difficult to locate, leaving victims hopeless and out of their money.

"Unfortunately, a lot of these scams are out of the country, so it's very hard for us to ultimately identify where they originated and who's responsible for them," Ivens said.

Many scam calls regard the IRS or credit card companies. A common scam includes calls saying you have won money and need to send bank account information in order to receive the prize.

Officers say that since many of these cases cannot be solved, Hiya is an extra way to protect yourself.

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