New artistic director appointed for Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Oregon Shakespeare Festival (KTVL)

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival has quite a positive reputation in the region. It's an 84-year-old institution and the largest repertory theater in the continental U.S.

A new artistic director, Nataki Garrett, has been appointed as of August 2019.

CJ Martinez, P.R. Manager of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival said it’s a vital role that oversees various responsibilities.

"It's a 360-degree comprehensive role. It is at the heart of the artistic presence for the organization in terms of theater performance,” Martinez said.

Martinez also mentioned that the role of the artistic director is both visionary and accountable for the scale and the scope of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Budget. The theater company said they lost about $2 million, due to the smoky weather conditions driving away the audience last year and implemented changes to prevent the impact this year.

Such a large-scale operation requires a certain degree of experience and expertise from the artistic director role, according to Martinez.

OSF's website reads "We are pleased to announce Nataki Garrett as the sixth artistic director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, starting August 2019, succeeding Bill Rauch -- For more than 20 years, Garrett has worked as a theatre administrator, director, producer, playwright, educator, activist, and mentor. She is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts with an MFA in directing,"

The 84-year-old organization continues to stay true to the classical theater and the traditions of Shakespeare according to Martinez.

"Regularly, plays and productions that have their origins at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival go on to Broadway and to be nominated to win Tony Awards and other major industry accolades and that's what really makes Oregon Shakespeare Festival a unique Performance Arts Institution," Martinez said.

They are looking forward to continuing the journey with the new administration.

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