New ordinance could change student rentals

(KTVL/Randi Burns)

ASHLAND, Ore. - The Associated Students of Southern Oregon University has been working on a project for nearly three years to prevent discrimination against students applying for housing.

The Fair Housing Act is a federal law that governs housing discrimination, which includes seven protected classes: race, color, religion, sex, disability and familial status.

At Tuesday's city council meeting, an ordinance that would add age and domestic partnership as protected classes was approved for a second reading. These would be added to Ashland's existing Fair Housing Ordinance.

"So the ordinance hasn't been passed yet, it just got voted on the second reading so there's only one more step to get it passed really, just one more council reading" Hannah Jones, Senior at Southern Oregon University said.

Students at Southern Oregon University say they have seen others discriminated against while looking for off-campus housing.

"Well there are a lot of places that are really close to campus and because those places are kind of afraid of partying, they don't want students to live there even though it's more accessible" Amy Laton, recent SOU graduate says.

Many students are hoping that this will help when looking for places to live for school.

Students say that with this being in the works for so long, it is a small victory to have it possibly pass.

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