New partnership for Rogue Creamery

Trish Glose/KTVL

The Rogue Creamery has a new partner. Current owner, David Gremmels says this new partnership is something he’s been considering for the last 48 months.

Gremmels says he spent a lot of time interviewing different possibilities while keeping the creamery’s future in mind.

He says there was one partner in particular that kept sticking out in his mind due to the company’s values and commitment, Savencia Fromage and Dairy.

He says they’ll be able to come in and further the creamery’s brand and its reach.

"If we go to our local cheese shop in Ashland, Portland or New York City, Rogue Creamery cheese isn't always available. So, I was looking for a partner that would help us, creating more inventory and further our dedication to quality and sustainability," Gremmels says.

Gremmels says when he acquired the creamery more than 10 years ago, several changes were made to put the business on the map. He also says this partnership will mean a few changes for him.

"What I really hope is this partnership will take away some of the day to day and allow me to enjoy some of the benefits that I've created for the Rogue Creamery team members. One of them is the pedal program, the ride a bike to work program," Gremmels says.

He says it's been a while since he's been able to do that, but he wants to make a regular commitment of commuting to work every day by bicycle.

Gremmels says he also wants to increase his volunteering within the community.

“This partnership is so phenomenal, Savenica aligns with Rogue Creamery values, culture and commitment for being a positive force in the future and having a positive impact to our environment and to our community,” Gremmels says.

The deal with Savencia Fromage and Dairy was struck on April 30th, the papers were signed on May 16th.

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