New traffic change begins Friday on Hwy 62

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

Highway 62 is going to have some traffic changes beginning Friday morning.

As of now, where Delta Waters Road meets Poplar Drive and Bullock Road there are two left turn lanes, two through traffic lanes, and one right turn lane onto Bullock Road.

But starting tomorrow those lanes are going to shift over since a stretch of road that’s been blocked off during construction will open.

With traffic now traveling on these lanes, cars coming from Biddle Road by Comfort Inn are going to have to adapt as well.

"Drivers on that ramp from Biddle to Highway 62 on their way to I-5 for instance or to the mall currently have their own lane. That traffic will need to yield to westbound traffic on 62," said Gary Leaming, from ODOT.

The shifting over of lanes will also add space for one more through traffic lane for a total of three.

The $120 million project is designed to increase capacity and improve safety along Highway 62 between Medford and White City.

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