Newly unveiled mosaic at Talent City Hall

A newly unveiled mosaic at Talent's City Hall which represents the city's recognition as a Bee City. (Sammy Shaktah/News 10)

A newly unveiled mosaic at the Talent City Hall was revealed before the public Saturday morning.

The mosaic showcases a detailed floral pattern which was made with volunteers and careful planning. It reads "Bee City; U.S.A: Talent" after Talent's recognition as a Bee City.

A Bee City holds a set of commitments to protecting bees and other pollinators, these pollinators are vital to the plants in the ecosystem.

"But now let's get back to the mural. This is one of the most magnificent masterpieces that you will soon see unveiled. And it is thanks to Karen Rycheck and so many volunteers,"

Gerlinde Smith, Treasurer of the Talent Garden Club said.

To celebrate the newly unveiled mural people gathered for live music, spent time with their friends, and with their pets too.

Karen Rychek, the mural designer and facilitator, was happy this project allowed people to come together, differences aside.

"I really feel passionate about bringing people together using art and being able to bridge divides that way, you know. So you get people from all different walks of life and different socio-economic backgrounds and political backgrounds to come together to create something beautiful that everybody could be happy with," Rycheck said.

This mural leaves the Bee City mark on Talent for future generations to see and learn more about.

Throughout the event, it was also mentioned that various pesticides are harmful to the many insect pollinators that support the local ecosystem and its plants.

The event shed light on how many other insects are pollinators and why they are vital to the ecosystem as well.

Many people sat and listened to how they can help support the pollinators, and even got a sneak preview on potential future plans for another mosaic, elsewhere.

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